Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association

Pre-Conference Workshops
Monday, October 22

We are excited to offer six full-day workshops.  Four teach hands-on manipulation and integration of data while the other two explore the latest trends in software capabilities.  All offer practical solutions that you can instantly apply to your job. Please click on the names to the right for more details to help you select which workshop is right for you.

Our schedule of expertly instructed workshops will provide classroom learning opportunities for all skill levels. Attendance at one workshop is included with the full three day conference registration.  

Workshop attendance certificates (useful when applying for or renewing your GIS certification) will be distributed at the end of each workshop.

Measuring New Jersey - People, Places and our Economy 

LiDAR: Mid-Atlantic Availability, Useful Applications, and Hands-On Practice 

Advanced GPS

Cloud Based Mapping Applications (sold out) 

Land Record Integration with GIS/CAMA

An Overview of Open Source GIS Software, a URISA Certified Workshop 

Measuring New Jersey - People, Places and our Economy 

Intsructors:  David Kraiker, United States Census Bureau

Brunie Sanchez, United States Census Bureau 

Intended Audience: Anyone who is interested in learning how to search for Census Bureau data and integrate it with your GIS should attend.


Learn thematic mapping of data from the US Census Bureau's Programs such as : Decennial Census, American Community Survey, Population Estimates and Economic Census to the TIGER/Line Shapefiles.  This in-depth pre-conference workshop will guide you step by step on how to extract data tables from the American Fact Finder into  a format compatible for ArcGIS.  

Learn how to join data and finally create thematic mapping! 

LIDAR:  Mid-Atlantic Availability, Useful Applications, and Hands-On Practice

Instructor:  Mike Umansky, Applied Imagery

Intended Audience: Anyone who is interested in learning about this technology should attend.


While LiDAR is a proven, workhorse technology, many users have little practical experience with it.  This is unfortunate because LiDAR is widely available in the Mid-Atlantic Region, can be incredibly useful, and is relatively simple to work with.  This session's focus is to introduce basic LiDAR concepts and terminology, review the availability of LiDAR data in the Mid-Atlantic region, and offer hands-on training in a variety of software packages including Quick Terrain Modeler, Google Earth, and ArcGIS.


Topics Covered:

·      What is LiDAR

·      LiDAR Basics

·      Visualization of LiDAR

  • Inspection, Editing, & Clean-up (Point Cloud and Interpolated Surfaces)
  • Data Fusion (Orthos, Vector Data, etc)
  • Data Analysis (Line of Sight, Flood Simulation, QA, AGL, Slope, Contours, etc)
  • Data Integration & Export

Requirements:  Please bring your own laptop to the training with the Quick Terrain Modeler, Google Earth, and ArcGIS software installed.  Evaluation versions of each software can be downloaded via the following links:


Quick Terrain Modeler:  http://www.appliedimagery.com

Google Earth:  http://earth.google.com/

ArcGIS:  http://www.esri.com/software/arcgis/arcview/eval/evaluate.html


Recommendations:   Please bring an external mouse as this will greatly assist in navigating your 3D data.  Sample LiDAR data will be provided prior to the start of the workshop by contacting Mike Umansky at mumansky@appliedimagery.com.  Feel free to bring your own data to work with if you like.



Advanced GPS 

Instructor:  Mike Popoloski, Mapco, Inc.

Intended Audience: Current Trimble Terrasync and Pathfinder users, as well as anyone who is interested in learning about this technology.

GPS is a widely used technology for collecting locational data for a GIS. Unfortunately many misconceptions exist about this technology and substantial errors are introduced into datasets as a result. This advanced workshop will focus on bringing current users up to date on the latest data collection methods and technology while introducing new users to the technology. Many changes have occurred just over the last few years in the GPS industry and this workshop will go over those changes. Participants get hands-on experience with the latest GIS data collection devices and will take part in the creation of several GIS layers. By the end of the workshop participants will have experienced the new GPS workflow and been made aware of the pitfalls in GPS data collection. Time will be made for an extensive question and answer session for those who currently use Trimble equipment and are looking for help.



    Cloud Based Mapping Applications  

    Instructor:  Sean McGinnis, New Jersey Office of GIS

    This workshop has reached capacity and is no longer accepting students.

    Intended Audience: Anyone who is interested in learning about this technology should attend.


    This workshop will provide an overview of Cloud Based Mapping Applications.  Due to the ever changing nature of cloud offerings specific workshop exercises and materials will be listed in this space starting in late summer.  This is to ensure the information presented at this workshop contains the most up to date cloud technologies.

    Requirements:  Please bring your own wi-fi enabled laptop to the training.  Hands on exercises in the cloud will be provided as part of this workshop.



    Land Record Integration with GIS/CAMA

    Instructor:  F. Peirce Eichelberger, gDBMS, Inc.

    Intended Audience: Anyone who is interested in learning about this technology should attend.


    A new national initiative is ongoing to better integrate data from Clerks and Recorders into GIS mapping and CAMA update workflows.  The initiative is being lead by Clerks and Recorders across the country.  Recorded instruments are the primary workflows for map and attribute updates of many GIS layers and themes.  The instrument data is also the most important update to CAMA and Mass Appraisal systems.  Recorders and Clerks also recognize the importance of GIS functionality as a method to access their land records.  This access means that there are more users for the land records and new methods of access that can also lead to new revenue streams.


      An Overview of Open Source GIS Software, a URISA Certified Workshop     

      Intsructors:  Sara Yurman, Spatial Focus, Inc.

      Paul Caris, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

      Intended Audience: Anyone interested in free and open source geographic information system software.  The workshop will suit both managerial and technical needs and it does not require any prerequisites.


      Free and open source software (FOSS) has been offering choices to computer users for a number of years.  Over the past few years the open source choices in GIS have been broader and more capable than ever before.  This workshop will focus on GIS open source software.  It will give an overview of the current developments from technical and management perspectives.  Selected packages and their applications in various projects will be demonstrated and discussed.

      Specific Topics Covered:

      ·      Open Source GIS background and development

      ·      Overview of Open Source GIS spatial functionalities

      ·      Live demonstration

      • Interoperability:  The Open Source GIS spectrum
      • Planning and implementation issues

      Should you bring a laptop to this workshop?
      This workshop consists of lecture and demonstrations of open source GIS applications.  It is not conducted in a computer lab and there are no "hands-on" exercises to complete.  However, some attendees may want to bring their own laptops so they can follow the software demonstrations or experiment with the applications.  This approach is completely optional and no one is required to bring a computer.  It is important to note that no workshop time is allotted to installation of the software.  Therefore, software downloads and installations must be completed prior to the start of the workshop.  Information on software downloads can be found at this URL:




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