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Upcoming Events

    • 24 Apr 2024
    • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
    • Zoom Webinar
    • 11

    Real-time Flood Data Increases Transportation Resilience with FloodMapp, presented by MAGTUG

    Virtual Webinar hosted on Zoom

    Transportation networks are the backbone of economic activity and critical vectors for emergency response. Ports, highways, and railways connect supply chains around the world and enable first responders to access at-risk locations during natural disasters, to enhance public safety, and fast-track community recovery. According to the US Fifth National Climate Assessment, the reliability of transportation networks is at risk from changes in the climate, undermining the reliability, safety, and efficiency of all transportation modalities. Flooding from sea level rise and increased precipitation intensity are the primary threats to disruptions in transportation systems, including in the Mid-Atlantic states.

    In this 1-hour meeting, the application of live flood intelligence to mitigate flooding risks within the transportation sector will be explored. Case studies will be shared to demonstrate how transportation practitioners have utilized actionable flood intelligence to increase transportation system safety, reliability, and resilience to prevent network disruptions. Recent technological advancements in flood intelligence will be explored, such as how artificial intelligence and machine learning can enhance hydrology and hydraulics, geospatial programming, and cloud data management.

    This meeting will be hosted by Hunter Johnson of FloodMap. He is a Flood Solutions Engineer at FloodMapp, with over five years of experience as a hydrologist and water resources engineer in both industry and academia. Hunter has a MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Hunter is focused on the abatement of global climate change impacts and helping cities adapt. He is committed to delivering local solutions and developing novel scalable technologies to forecast and mitigate flood impacts. Hunter has been involved in the engineering and deployment of flood models across the US and Australia while at FloodMapp and led the deployment of NowCast and PostCast products in Williamson County, Texas. Hunter is also active in business development and commercial adoption of FloodMapp in the USA, where he finds and creates new partnerships for parties that are interested in live flood intelligence to increase their situational awareness to help improve safety and reduce damage. We hope you can join us!

    The Mid-Atlantic Geospatial Transportation Users Group (MAGTUG) helps transportation professionals stay abreast of advances in geospatial technology and assists GIS professionals navigate transportation-specific issues (pun intended) by promoting events where we may share knowledge, news and successful practices with each other.

    This event will be hosted virtually using Zoom. Event registration is FREE! You will receive a confirmation email with a link to join the webinar upon successful registration. Please make sure that your Zoom name is the same as your registration when entering the meeting.

    MAGTUG would like to thank our sponsor MacURISA for supporting our organization!

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